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The Heavy Experience is an Icelandic 5-piece instrumental rock group, formed in 2010. The Heavy Experience play dynamic and understated music, a blend of saxophone driven drone, spaghetti western and blues. Divine doom blues!

Featuring well-seasoned members of Reykjavik's grassroot scene, The Heavy Experience are deadset on delivering the slowest and heaviest drone blues known to mankind.

The Heavy Experience released their sophomore album, "Slowscope", in August 2012 as a joint release by Kimi Records and Úsland Records, the bands own experimental label.
Slowscope was recorded, produced and mixed by the band in their own recording facilities.

In the autumn of 2012 members of The Heavy Experience began a new recording project, curating a monthly free improvisational record series called ÚÚ. The project features a diverse group of artists being summoned at Úsland's Recording Facility and performing together for the first time in front of an open mic.

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