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Imagined by four friends in a little house in the Ozark Mountains, our project was originally called The Helium Movement. An idea that existed before coffeesquares or thisisred, The Helium Movement started as an idea to propagate an underground art community in Oklahoma City by uniting all kinds of artists for all kinds of reasons.

REDHOUSE has reawakened the spirit of The Helium Movement by bringing to life a new kind of venue: The Helium Project.

The Helium Project cultivates music appreciation and social development in Oklahoma City, while remaining completely free to the community. Our project strives to bridge the gap between artist and audience to develop a sustainable community event that brings revenue and recognition to the city's Metro area.

This initial fall series of concert sessions aims to pair with local community members, business owners, and musicians to generate an intimate environment of 100 seats per show.

To further community development through online social networking, each session is professionally recorded in High Definition video and multi-track audio which will be given, free of charge, to the performing artist and released to the public at

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