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Yiu-Hong Leung is a photographer and moving-image artist currently residing in Hong Kong. He was first introduced to photography at the age of 18 during his college study in digital art. In the year of 2003, he moved to Portland, Oregon and continued his art education in Pacific Northwest College of Art, which embraces him into the notion of western contemporary art. Due to his multicultural background, identity has become a major investigation through his work of art. Yiu-Hong works as a teacher and photographer at Skyhigh Creative Partners, a social enterprise in Hong Kong.



生於香港,曾留學美國七年,畢業於美國西北太平洋藝術學院,主修媒體藝術, 二零一三年出版個人攝影誌 《I need to be physically healthy because my mind is weak》,現為攝影教育工作者及自由攝影師,曾服務機構包括:天比高創作伙伴 、香港國際攝影節、何鴻毅家族基金及香港浸會大學等。

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