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Have you ever seen a man lie down on a bed of very long very sharp nails
while a hot chick jump-ropes on top of his chest?

Have you ever seen Two Dozen Women in High Heel Shoes
standing on top of one person, Including on his arms, thighs, and face?
Have you ever Stapled a $20 dollar bill to someone's forehead? Done,done,and done.

Meet the Human Floor,
a gentle giant of a man whose pain threshold must be seen to be believed!
The Human Floor has been amazing audiences throughout the Northeast for years.

While performing at the Shawnee Playhouse In Shawnee on the Delaware,PA.
He set a World Record,
when 21 Women with a combined weight of 3531LBS
used him as a bus stop.

The Human Floor's performance credits Include:
America's Got Talent,Discovery Channel,HBO Late Night With Katie Morgan,Mayhem MetalFest Show,
The New Gong Show,The Opie & Anthony Virus Tour,The Tyra Banks Show,Tru TV

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