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  1. 55:33


    by The Huntington

    18 Videos

  2. 09:13


    by The Huntington

    8 Videos

    Videre, Latin for to see, is a video series that plays with the idea of re-seeing. The short works featured here are explorations of sights, sounds, and sensing at The Huntington.

  3. 08:11

    The House that Sam Built: Sam Maloof and Art in the Pomona Valley, 1945–1985

    by The Huntington

    5 Videos

    interview clips that accompanied the 2011–2012 exhibition at The Huntington

  4. 06:21

    Huntington Art Gallery: Period Rooms Suite

    by The Huntington

    5 Videos

    Each of the five short, silent videos in this suite focuses on an object or architectural element on view in the first-floor period rooms of the Huntington Art Gallery. Each is installed on iPads…

  5. 07:19

    Slideshows: Japanese Garden

    by The Huntington

    3 Videos

    three slideshows highlighting the recently renovated Japanese Garden

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