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The Jamhole is a free comedy podcast based out of Kalispell Montana hosted by Mat, Danni, and Brayden. Brayden is in the first couple hundred episodes, then Danni takes over. Do you know what a podcast is? If not, direct your attention to the wikipedia page for podcast. Basically The Jamhole is an internet talk show recorded every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night. You can watch the show live as it’s being recorded via and even interact with the hosts as they do the show. By typing in the chat room, sending in live feedback, or calling the live phone number 406.204.4687 (got p), you can actually become part of the show!

The great thing about podcasts is that if you don’t have time to watch / listen to the live show, you can use Itunes or any other podcatcher to subscribe to our feed. This means as soon as we post a new episode of The Jamhole, Itunes will download it, and when you plug your ipod into your computer, the new episode is automatically updated. Another great thing about podcasts is the episodes are in mp3 format, which means if your “old school” you can burn a cd of the latest Jamhole episode, or even put it on your mini disc player. (Does anyone still use those things?) If you direct your attention below this sentence, you will see clips of our past live shows when we were still on live video.

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