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I'm 27 years old and for work I edit the company I work for commercials and online video content. I help hire the voice talent, write the scripts, and splice the commercials, write, direct and edit the online video content. Now what isn't boring about this story of mine is that I am all self taught. I basically learned what I know on the job. Starting in windows live movie maker in (2010), video pad (2011-2012) and then moved towards editing in Premiere Pro (2012-Present). Since the middle of 2013 to the present I have been learning how to work in After Effects.

Because I do all this full time, I don't get to create a lot content for myself. Mostly just vlogs on youtube (

I'd like to create and share more videos of my own creation and hopefully expand my knowledge. I like to watch anything comical and really like to watch online comedy series. I like to laugh and want to do it as much as possible.


  1. Brian Sutherin

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  1. I don't know if this an Oregon garden but it's amazing how similar it is to mine--identical fencing, trees, chimes, fountain, flowers, butterfly, bees! Great job documenting your "Little World"!