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One in three women will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old. One in four pregnancies end in abortion. The highest percentage of abortions are for women who are in their late teens and early 20s. One in five college students will have an abortion.

The heart of The Life Ballet is to educate audiences of the important side of the story that is not widely shared until recent years with the coming of age of a generation of men and women who were told their babies were just a blob of flesh. The Life Ballet shows through dance, artistry and original songs a story of how destinies were lost through abortion – that of two unborn children and also their mother. The audience sees how abortion alters the dances of our mother, whose name is Sarah, as she moves through innocence, deception, seduction, decision and death. The aftermath of abortion leaves her in a dance of a new kind, one tormented by the silence of shame. Watch as she grieves and mourns the loss of her unborn children, then watch as she discovers healing. As for the unborn children, whose names are Seraphina and Simon, well…..we’ll never know what could have been. They never had the chance to dance, at least not on this earth. This show is dedicated to them and to all the other children whose destinies have been lost from abortion.

The Life Ballet was written and created by Sandy Arena, a woman who had two abortions she deeply regrets when she was a young adult. Arena has had the opportunity to memorialize their lives and share this story with the family she now has including her husband Sam, and children Alexis, Caleb and Annaliese.

Many of the performers and contributing artists have had abortions or their parents have had abortions, as well, making this a collaboration of men and women devoted to telling the truth of abortion to the generation behind. If abortion is still available legally, our hope is that our stories will make it unthinkable.

“I was thrilled by the ballet presented at Bethel this evening. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to see the phenomenal and moving performance you and the dancers put to exceptionally well-matched music. The ballet, to me, is so unique a statement on abortion that I think it should be done as widely as possible,” said Gerry Oftedahl, President of the Board of Directors of Adult Stem Cell Initiative Inc., and a member of the Diocese o Rochester Policy and Planning Committee.

Excerpts from the production can be performed throughout the country at high schools, college campuses and other community venues.

Visit for more information.

Call Sandy Arena at 585-350-9012 to book the show.

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