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Designed by Naomi Pickles, Jay Smyth and Paul Revel [CircoSinistre]. The light Box mixes shadow puppetry with Visuals [Eye4anEye] and DMX light control. The lightbox aims to combine and explore a wide range of performance styles and disciplines to bring it's audience a new and innovative experience.

A variety of bespoke shapes and forms integrated to the specific venue environment. Adaptable to any space, the structure provides a platform for a wide range of performance.

Using lighting, shadow puppetry and mapped visuals, the structure can dynamically follow narrative and themes. The project combines traditional and contemporary styles and melds them into a new visual language.

Drawing on a myriad of influences the lightbox offers an interactive environment that challenges perceptions.

Rooted in dance, circus, puppertey and science, the lightbox is an ever evolving open platform for discovery and entertainment.

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