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Cardiff, Wales, UK

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The Lows and the Highs Records specialise in DIY Limited Edition CDRs and Cassettes of Experimental Sound from the Underground. Ecstatic Noise Folk, Ambient Electronic Organum, Audio Collage, Avant Garde Spiritual Drone and Weird Art Rock.

Artists: Black Stepdad, Stuart Chalmers tusK, dj_spleenbaby, The Failed NASA Experiment, KPT Michigan, Lustfasut, Mars to Stay, Ø+yn (omasin), The (plexus) Collective, The Stinking Badger, Roderick A Warner, Ian Watson, Whitedog, yajé

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  1. Larry Crywater
  2. Gary McQuiggin
  3. Pan del Indio
  4. chameleonic
  5. Deathbomb Arc
  6. Paul Watson
  7. chuck johnson
  8. Chris Summerlin
  9. Not Not Fun
  10. sound of cobra
  11. joinedbywire
  12. r.seiliog
  13. trip shrubb
  14. Paskal.
  15. laurenrodz
  16. Chris King
  17. Sonic Acts
  18. Keith Fullerton Whitman

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