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  1. Glitch Safari

    by Jeff Donaldson joined

    24 Videos 347 Members

    Displays will glitch in our modern, urban landscape. These occurrences generally go unnoticed by society or are ignored as technological failure. Glitch Safari is a group that sees the magical…

  2. creative expression

    by jon obsworth joined

    10.6K Videos 1,772 Members

    individual awareness through creative expression Animation & Motion Graphics Comedy Everyday Life Films Music Welcome to creative expression feel free to post clips, start threads and…

  3. 1 Minute: a Vimeo Project

    by Blake Whitman joined

    3,444 Videos 6,919 Members

    Welcome to the 1 Minute Vimeo Project Group. Add one video, comment on two! With the chaos of everyday life consuming our senses, it is nice to sit back and enjoy moments and experiences that…

  4. The Group of the Pi Project Group

    by MÆTT joined

    0 Videos 2 Members

    This is for the Pi Project. Concept: count down the numbers of Pi. How it shall be done: Create a video of a one-digit number from 0-9. I shall collect all of the videos and put it together…

  5. Vimeo Weekend Challenge

    by Mark joined

    7,369 Videos 25K Members

    Want to participate in our weekly Challenges? Join the Group to receive messages and new Challenges! Only add relevant videos, please.

  6. Moments Like Today

    by Margaret Kwan joined

    406 Videos 382 Members

    Instructions: 1) add a tag "moments like today" to your video 2) categorize your video with one of the following tags: "morning", "afternoon" or "evening" 3)…

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