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The Media Workshop is made up of a wide network of digital specialists, producers and creative professionals with a vast level of experience in a range of specialist areas. We are built around an ethos of creative innovation, developing the potential in technology for a range of clients and markets.

We operate as a digital production & development company, working creatively with new media and emerging technologies. Our networked model allows us the flexibility to form bespoke specialist teams around projects and commissions, enabling us to design, create and deliver exciting and technologically clever work.

We work within commercial and corporate sectors as well as within the arts, marketing, events, advertising, research, consultancy and education.

Specialisms include:

Film & Video Production
Digital Development
Motion Graphics & Animation
Interaction Design
Video Projection and Mapping
Performance Technology
Installed Media (interactive museum/gallery displays etc)
Event Production
Mobile & Online Apps
Pyrotechnics (firework display, stage, film)
Circus & Theatre
Things That Have Yet To Be Imagined...

We've been working professionally for over 15 years and have a exceptional level of experience across a wide range of productions and outputs.

Some of the people we have produced work for include:

O2, Artichoke, Samsung, Network Rail, The BBC, Oracle, The NHS, The University of Bath, Microsoft, Harrods, Channel 4, Canon UK & EU, Glastonbury Festival, Capgemini, Mercedes Benz, Allianz, The University of Exeter and The Comic Strip.

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