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The Menthol Show is a NYC based talk show hosted by Ren Jett. The Menthol Show introduces you to the movers, shakers, makers, takers, chasers & heartbreakers that navigate through New York City’s various industries. These are commonly connected people with commonly connected friends. All relationships are genuine.
Produced & Directed by David Laven & Greg Stefano. Created by Ren Jett.

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  1. Alex Kettell
  2. elvinaiken
  4. Abovav Sav
  5. Rebecca resnick
  6. thomas hooper
  7. Evan Miller
  8. al padrino
  9. Lisa Daly
  10. rory solomon
  11. penetode
  12. chase osthimer
  14. Clive
  15. Greg Passuntino
  16. Courtney Walker
  17. Tanya jackman
  18. Sara Kim

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