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The Miracle Machine is the brainchild of two establish names in the wine industry Kevin Bowyer and Phillip James. It came about after just one too many glasses of wine one evening, and a casual remark by Phillip that ‘Jesus make water into wine; with all the technology we have available today why can we do the same?’ Much laughter follower, but they knew they were onto something when they still thought it was a good idea the following morning.
The question was this. Could you bring a higher level of science to winemaking? Could the industry be modernized by technology just as many other industries have been?
Winemaking is still considered by most as an art. Secrets are closely guarded. And as a result the price of a good bottle is still high compared to many other products that we enjoy.
So Kevin and Phillip started to talk to some of their friends in Silicon Valley. They explored the possibility of accelerating the wine making process using a low amount of heat and a computer controlled environment al controlled by your smart phone.
They also looked at the precise chemical breakdown of some of the finest wines in the world and realized that just as the scent industry is able to simulate smells, it is possible to replicate the delicate flavours of highly sought after vintages.
Fast forward, two years and many experiments and the Miracle Machine was born.

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