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The Missing Sync
Music Research, Licensing & Production
P.O. Box 2686
1000 CR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31(0)20 4286033
F +31(0)20 5210019

The Missing Sync is dedicated to locating and selecting the perfect music for commercials, radio, TV and movies!

In addition to Research and Licensing of already available music, The Missing Sync also creates original music that meets your project requirements. We are specialized in locating and creating music in the required style or genre that perfectly matches your creative idea. Perfect if you are working on a pitch or when your commercial has to be on the air in a matter of days.

Our services come in handy when you only have a vague notion of the vibe you are looking for, or if you have an already available song that needs to be licensed and/or covered. Because of our extensive network of composers, well-known musicians and artists, music production is simple high-quality!

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