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orming late in 2008, The Moai Broadcast has steadily grown a grassroots following and has created a sound as unique as its name. Their sound unionizes organic and synthetic instrumentation with soulful lyrics and complete abandonment of any preconceptions of what musical expression is to be.

If you were to simply put The Moai Broadcast in an already created box, it’s easy to say they combine the energy and attitude of rock bands The Who and Led Zeppelin with the concepts of Pink Floyd and incorporate the new wave sound of The Talking Heads. But that is too easily said. This band has been ahead of the line with creating new avenues to engage their fans and forge ahead in the music scene. Hosting Easter Island Music Festival annually in Tulsa it seems the band is focusing on creating an all out experience for their fans with arts, lights, and music merging together as their focus. Along with hosting Easter Island Festival, The Moai Broadcast has played many festivals including Wakarusa, Yonder Mountain String Bands Harvest Festival, Norman Music Festival, and Free Tulsa to just name a few.

Instrumentally the band is comprised of Nick Bernson on drums with hard driving beats while Jordan Holt plays melodic synths on keys. Cody Brewer takes a unique approach on guitar focusing on creating textures with Nick Abbott creates solid bottom end bass lines. Josh Coffman warms up the sound with thoughtful vocals and 100% sexified saxaphonic saxophone. Together, The Moai Broadcast creates a mystical landscape with its music that embodies the primal essence of rhythm, melody, and human expression. The undeniable energy they bring is an amazing experience that everyone should enjoy.

To conclude, The Moai Broadcast is interested in connecting with an audience on a personal level and wants their audience to know wherever you are, whatever you are, come party with us, embrace your beauty and broadcast yourself.

“Moai is only beginning to tap its creative resources.” (G.K/ HIZER)

“Moai Broadcast is forming its own niche and creating some of the most original and entrancing dance vibes I’ve experience in Tulsa to date.” (G.K. HIZER)

“The Moai Broadcast, Oklahoma’s own super power trance-rock jam fantastic. “ (TODD GUNTER)

“The Moai are known for their great stage show and solid fan base.” (TODD GUNTER)

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