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San Francisco

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This San Francisco based, American born musician, singer-songwriter, preforms under the name, Christopher Parker Smith.

Born on the border of Canada and Upstate New York Christopher was heavily influenced by the Canadian alternative music scene, yet played as a jazz musician before leaving music to pursue academic interests at university. Studied economics in NYC and Boston, published as a poet then moved to San Francisco and began playing music again.

In August 2011, while playing music in Golden Gate Park Christopher met Vincent Gross, lead guitarist of the popular Parisian death metal band Deep In Hate. It was this fateful meeting that persuaded Chris to pursue a career in music.

Christopher has been practicing in preparing for an upcoming release. As a run up to that release he has created a series of video entitled, "Sunday Morning." This series may be viewed:

For the true music lover, every day brings with it the ongoing quest for a genuinely fulfilling musical experience. Foray after foray into the vast sonic wilderness guarantees that, sooner or later, greatness will be uncovered. Christopher Parker Smith is an undeniable reward for all of that treasure hunting.
- Wendy Oakes, SF Examiner

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