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A collective of multi-media artists ventured out for 25 days to hike 219 miles and record their adventure on the John Muir Trail.

The crew departed from Yosemite Valley on July 10th, 2011 and completed the trail at the summit of Mount Whitney on August 3rd. Along the way, they were joined by musicians, painters, teachers and other adventure-seekers, who all became part of the story.

Join us as we relive stories from on the trail and embark on our next journey - to bring the trail to you - to truly get a feeling for the beauty and majesty of the trail (without the burning lungs and blisters.)

What began as an adventure to see – let’s be honest – if we could complete and capture the trail, has become so much more. With the help of our old and new friends, we hope to motivate others to make that big leap, or small step, and go after their dreams.

Whether creating art or climbing mountains, The Muir Project seeks to inspire others to share in the beauty that is our world. Come walk with us.

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