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Robert Charles Mann was raised in a house full of music. His mother was a concert pianist which explains his bent for creating ambiences that include traditional orchestral elements, but also his life in Los Angeles producing performance art, playing in punk bands and composing electronic ambient music accounts for the other aspects of Robert's signature sound. Robert studied orchestration with Hummie Mann (no relation) at Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program in Edinburgh Scotland, achieved production and mixing credentials at London Institute of Sound Engineering and also studied at Musicians Institute in Hollywood and Ohio State University School of Music. He has co-composed with Cliff Martinez on films such as Severe Clear and Espion(s), which was nominated for a César Award for best first film.

Robert has also scored for TV productions such as Ted Koppel's People's Republic of Capitalism title theme on the Discovery Channel, as well as remixing Martinez's cues for the ID Channel. Commercial work includes branding themes for France Telecom and advertisements for Ducati and Calvin Klein. Robert also composed the ambient sound installation for Futuroscope in France. He received a Mention du Jury at the Festival Silhouette 2007 in Paris for his soundtrack to Orpheus Descending and the film The Glowing Hours was nominated for the "Gold Medal for Excellence in Original Music for a Dramatic Short Film" at the Park City Film Music Awards in 2012.

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