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We are a group of friends that have worked in a lot of big hit shops and decided there was a better way to approach things.

We are a design driven production company with offices in Seattle and Chicago, working worldwide.

We specialize in concept, whether it is simply looking for a visual language to complete the sentence you are developing for your client, or taking your rough idea and turning into a full blown storyline.

We are a creative think tank where all of our brain power pours through your project developing the most innovative treatments to hit your target audience while working within your budget and time line.

We assemble our production teams based on the needs of the project rather than simple availability.

We have a passion for the work regardless the budget.

We direct 2D, 3D, traditional cell animation or any aspects of live action from location shoots to green screen, motion capture, motion control, tabletop or fully built out sets.

We work with other directors worldwide to help them actualize their vision by aiding in VFX supervision, creative treatment and design through post.

We use the cameras and equipment appropriate to the creative vision rather than forcing creative to fit the latest toy.

We approach every project as a creative problem to solve in the highest order possible.

We are thenewBlank.

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