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…Mark Daniel Kuykendall (Born July 7, 1981, Stillwater, Oklahoma) is an Oklahoman artist, musician, and producer. Kuykendall’s work is generally characterized by his production style of melding electronically manipulated field recordings with dusty attic 16mm film. Kuykendall’s hushed vignettes combined with, custom tweaked analog synthesizers, and occasionally his crisp vocals creates his unmistakable collage of soft tones.

Holding an Associates Degree of Science in Audio Engineering from Full Sail University in 2003, Mark returned to his home town Tulsa, OK. Where the sudden death of his mother, Danette Kuykendall, early 2005, set him on a new path. Determined to overcome his grief from the loss, he remembers her love for his music, and continues to write, record, & produce today.

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