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Yokosuka, Japan

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I'm a Navy Storyteller and the Navy's media machine.


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  2. Nick Driftwood
  3. Texas Media Systems
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  1. Sharp, detailed and contrasty. Do you have the camera set to defaults? Were most of the wide shots shot wide open or stopped down?
  2. Anata no video ha totemo kirei desu. Sore o miteru to Nihon ni sundeita koro ga natsukashii desu. Arigato
  3. Martin, your test it very well done. The shallow depth of field, beautifully rendered detail and stable shots make me glad I bought the 42.5 f/1.2 IS. Thank you for your contribution.
  4. Where did the original 4k file go?
  5. Joe Russ, can you share your comparisons, even a 200% frame-grab graphic?
  6. The lighting looks like an umbrella camera left, reflector camera right and a light behind him pointed near the ground for a gradient on the background. Was this shot on a C100?