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THE ODE spans two generations and intertwines the doomed
but passionate love story of Parin and Shiraz with the tempestuous life of their gay son Ali who discovers that
the past is always present no matter how far you run. It is
based on actual events and the critically acclaimed
novel – ODE TO LATA.

Ali flees to Hollywood, away from his overprotective mother
and memories of his father’s violent death. A successful
banker by day, at night his life unravels in a blur of
alcohol, drugs and sex as he grapples with love, loss
and ultimately, forgiveness.

When his mother comes to Los Angeles to visit Ali in
a last ditch attempt to bring him back home and
change his ways, the trapdoors of the past are flung
open. Through Ali’s struggle to break free and in his
obsessive relationship with Richard, we glimpse into
a troubled past he cannot escape and which threatens
to destroy him unless he finds peace with his mother.

The biopic was shot on location in Kenya and Los
Angeles, is directed by Student Academy Award Winning
Director Nilanjan Neil Lahiri and produced by Ratna Maity.

Veteran Bollywood producer Bharat Shah, whose
2002 film DEVDAS was India’s entry in the foreign
film category for the 2002 Academy Awards, is the
Executive Producer of the film.

Leading a multi-ethnic cast are Sakina Jaffrey
(Chutney Popcorn), Sachin Bhatt (Bombay Dreams),
Diego Serrano (Another World), and Wilson Cruz
(My So-Called Life).