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User Bio is a new casting resource for the acting industry. Giving actors, casting directors & agents more control than ever before.

The Page Productions Ltd is the company behind ThePageUK.Com, an online casting resource for the entertainment industry. The purpose of the site is to help actors promote themselves and also facilitate Casting Directors, Production companies and Agents with key services to help them more easily manage the casting of productions.

We are currently in the stages of development so keep coming back for more news.

The Casting industry traditionally has been print-based and therefore two dimensional. Pieces of paper and a headshot used to decide whether an actor was suitable for a role or not. Surprisingly, this method is still employed today online with a list of credits and a headshot still used.

The Page UK aims to shatter this convention by offering a subscription-based platform for actors to go 3-D, painting a far clearer picture of an actor’s suitability for a particular role.

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