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Just a bunch of guys. A handful of people who got together and, yes, decided to form a band. So far, you know the story. But do lend us your ears. We are a group of musicians who got together with one aim: to experiment, to mix, to create. And it is in our search for our voice as a band that we amalgamated two fundamentally different kinds of music. Sounds with thousands of years of history and all the power that a well-set team of guitars and drums can give anybody. This is a new stage in The Particles history. “What the next musical destination will be is anybody’s guess” says Ash, charismatic a frontman if ever there was one. “Maybe we’ll decide to carry on with the influences we’re working with at the moment. Maybe those influences will change completely.” What matters is the journey, the evolution. Ours is the story of the world in sounds. Listen to The Particles; you’re listening to a pocketful of the world in its variety and magnificence.
We are different and we know it. As a band, we’re not afraid of taking risks and plunging into the unknown. We knew what our fans expected and liked. We didn’t do that. Instead, we gave them so much more! Making our latest album was a true adventure. One that took us on a 7-year-long journey to mystic places. And listening to it will feel much like that to you! You’ve taken the plunge; you’ve ventured yourself deep into the myriad musical experiences that is our songs. But don’t content yourself with just that! There are many out there who are not used to the sound, not ready for the experience. Spread the word, don’t keep The Particles to yourself. And above all, keep exploring. Press “play” to your heart’s content, for in the depths of the phenomenon that is called The Particles lies a field of gems, and they’re up for grabs...

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