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Hi. I'm a independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles and London. 

I've just finished a documentary series for Channel 4 (UK) called MAKERS, which celebrates the new breed of creative artisans around the world & just started work on my first feature documentary (Which is a massive secret!)

I'd say (very humbly) that I specialise in stylised craft documentaries, which tackle important issues such as wealth inequality and entrepreneurialism in a fun and youthful way. My ultimate goal is to make viewers say 'What the actual fuck!' while thinking 'Man, that looks cool!'.

I'm the founder of STAY GOLD STUDIOS which is a Content Creation Company, or a CCC to those in the biz.
STAY GOLD helps pay for my self-important factual content follies by making branded content for evil advertising agencies and corporate videos for profit hungry multinationals. We don't consider it selling out - simply biting the hand that feeds, while letting it feed us good and proper!

Give me an actual shout!
UK: +44 (0) 78 5849 0221
US: +1 (323) 317 4214

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