The Pirate Ship Quintet

Bristol UK

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The Pirate Ship Quintet is a postrock band from the UK.

Sandy is Half Scottish, half Hungarian and works as a cellist in the BBC Welsh National Orchestra. He enjoys coffee, chess and his cats.

Alex is half Norweigan has a background in sound/music tech and played guitar originally in We Were Nice Today. Alex likes mince, red wine and misses cigarettes.

Jona is English, works in Design and played drums with We Were Nice Today. He likes owls, fly fishing and foraging food.

Ziapour is half Iranian, works with computers and is very strong. He enjoys geeky things, making out, and taking photographs.

Alphie is British and loves Dorset. He likes Kurt Vonnegut, roll ups, hills and receiving awards.

Moo is half English half Scottish. He likes fly fishing, Chinese food and Chinese women.

Terrence is English. He likes whisky and is the very definition of a loose cannon.

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