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a practical project deliberately not technical, but with different addresses.
Rediscover the pleasure of doing things manually as in the past, in relation to tools and
knowledge handed down, sensitivity, culture and charm of 'fixed image materially
for the future.
Through phrases of famous photographers, interviews, photographers and amateurs however do not forget the art and passion for the processes of photo printing, for
disseminate it to the new generations


  1. Hunger TV
  2. Digital District™ VFX Post-Pro
  3. Carlo Furgeri Gilbert
  4. Studio Antani
  5. Roberto Lavini
  6. lisboa.films
  7. Ernest Gi
  8. augment5 Inc.
  9. BlkWhiteFilmPix
  10. Leica Camera
  11. marco moro
  12. Stefania Vulpi
  13. Т E R E S Λ R O M Λ N O
  14. pedro spoggi
  15. Gonzalo Ezcurra
  16. Marcos Alfredo Sosa Pimentel
  17. Jesús Gallardo Macchia
  18. ArteClip

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