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The Prodigals – A Man Had Two Sons

One son is a gifted singer-songwriter, living a high life of excess and success; the other son, the elder brother, has joined the Scottish regiment to which their father has devoted his life. The father watches his boys make their own lives. While the father’s regiment battles to destroy heroin poppy fields in modern Afghanistan, his son fuels his band’s gigs with drugs. When the son who has flouted his father’s values and rejected his love finally hits rock bottom, what does he do? He’s taken his father’s money, tarnished his reputation and insulted his name…but still he is his son!

The Prodigals is thrilled to announce its co-production with the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry. The show will be launching there on 30th August 2013 and playing there for two and a half weeks, before its national tour. More details and dates to follow.

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