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The "UN-PROMOTABLE" (2012) Featuring O.J. Simpson, Norman Pardo and featuring Wendy Williams.

Orenthal James Simpson is the infamous subject. Norman Pardo is his Manager and Promoter, whose unique approach is responsible for what viewers are calling the most riveting, revealing hypnotic biographical documentary surrounding OJ Simpson ever produced!

Premise of the Show:

Norman Pardo is heralded as one of the most controversial promoters on the planet. Norman opened a Pandora's box during his representation of the infamous Orenthal James Simpson. The images un-covered and captured on tape during O.J. Simpson's U.S. Tour will shock and cause you to re-examine your own beliefs.

In this movie,

The "UN-PROMOTABLE" encompasses the largest most sought after collection of never-before-seen unrehearsed, unscripted digital video of O.J. Simpson on the globe.

By getting O.J. to open up, Pardo for the first time will give people the opportunity to get up close and personal with Orenthal James Simpson through the documentary called The "UN-PROMOTABLE".

The most riveting documentary profile of Orenthal James Simpson to date. The production features 10 years of exclusive never seen before personal footage of O.J. from 1999 -- 2008 before the grid iron great started serving a 33-year sentence at Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Facility. The "UN-PROMOTABLE" reveals the man behind the stories and the story-makers behind the man.

Norman Pardo has appeared on:

•CnnHN Nancy Grace
•Fox and Friends
•Good Morning America
•Tucker Show on MSNBC
•Showbiz Tonight
•Today Show
•John Gibson
•Fox News and numerous other news networks, radio, as well as front page exposure on the NY Post, Detroit Press, and other nationally circulated press media.

If you are interested in learning more, please give me a call.
Norman's Direct Line: 239.218.8750

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