The Ragtop Boys


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Remember when you were young and you wanted to set the world on fire?

"The Ragtop Boys"


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Directed by John Turner, The Ragtop Boys is a short film that showcases the exclusive vintage menswear from renowned London-based American Heritage and Vintage specialist and dealer, David White and his store, Ragtop.

The film is shot in the style of an observational documentary, following a group of troublemakers who had nothing to live for except cars, girls, fighting and looking good.

We follow them as they head for a day out at the rundown old seaside town with not much to do but sure that something will come up- and when it does, the stories and legends will look after themselves.

It's only when you look back do you realise you had something you'll never have again.

John Turner
Ragtop Vintage Clothing:


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