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I’m not a motion-grapher, nor a post-producer, nor a film-maker, nor a programmer... or maybe I’m all of those. I’m an artist and audio-visual designer, and I use anything and everything to create.
Imagination, memory and onirism were the reasons why I focused my life on visual creations, the best tools to enable us to transform into something tangible what we have in our minds, sometimes so complex and fascinating.
I have a lot of artistic sensibility and I’m also passionate but I am not easily embarrassed. I love the little things in life, the feeling of a beautiful moment and especially the memory of a beautiful feeling, even more so when it's shared with someone else.
Everyday I work to be able to understand how the world works, paying attention to society and playing an active role in it, learning from everything and everyone around me.
As a member of this society I like to share and recieve inputs from others; I’m a tiny part of a Whole, a Whole which makes me up from its many parts.


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