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Lovebytes is a digital arts organisation based in Sheffield, UK. We have staged a festival of digital art in Sheffield since 1994 and work with partner organisations to deliver a range of digital arts events, arts projects and workshops.

Lovebytes was established to explore the creative and cultural potential of digital technologies and to encourage people in Sheffield and the UK to engage with global creative digital culture. Lovebytes has grown to become an important international platform for new work and new ideas. The organisation commissions and promotes experimental and innovative new work by both new and established artists, designers, technologists and creative developers. The Lovebytes International Festival of Digital Art is a city-wide event offering a range of activities for a broad public audience. The festivals events and exhibitions, often in unusual venues around the city, provide inspiring and imaginative opportunities for people of all ages to engage with computer art, science, digital culture and the creative industries. A core programme of performances, talks and workshops provides a platform for international artists and a meeting place for creative professionals and anyone interested in leading edge digital art and culture.

Lovebytes has presented exclusive talks by leading figures in digital art and film such as Peter Greenaway, Jonathan Caouette, and Andrew Kötting with premieres and previews of their work. We have staged live performances by many of the pioneers of digital and post-digital music and visual art such as Autechre, Russell Haswell, Alva Noto, Hecker, SND, People Like Us, Farmers Manual, General Magic, Lia and Tina Frank. Lovebytes has also commissioned over 50 ground-breaking new works by international digital artists including Biosphere, Harou Ishii, Yasunao Tone and Scanner+Tonne and we have featured the work of innovative and influential creative digital studios such as the Designers Republic, Renascent, Zeitguised, HFR-LAB and Universal Everything.

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