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Visionary Brisbane-based performer Trash McSweeney sees colour in his music. Ever since suffering a near-fatal seizure eight years ago, Trash set out to share with the world a lifetime's worth of ideas about what he has seen and felt. By taking to his guitar, piano, and notebook, The Red Paintings were officially born upon the dawn of the new millennium.
Based in Australia, though having been fortunate enough to already tour much of the globe, The Red Paintings are a five-piece group incorporating additional choral, orchestral, and performance art features wherever possible. Their shows amalgamate sonics and optics to create a living, breathing canvas that stimulates the senses and minds of listeners and viewers alike. Once jacked into your brain, The Red Paintings' sounds evoke everything from child-like lullabies of the future, to tearing, biting, alternative rock numbers. They are sometimes compared to multi-faceted acts like Radiohead, Muse, and The Arcade Fire, and their appeal reaches baroque-pop steam-punks, metal-heads, indie-rock fanatics, and beyond. The band has toured around the globe as hand picked main support for The Dresden Dolls, Saul Williams, Mindless Self Indulgence, MOGWAI and major festivals including BDO and Great Escape Fest to name a few.

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