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Los Angeles, CA

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The most compelling artists have always been able to find their singular truth and channel it for the world to savor. But The Rescues- whose music recalls the soaring emotions of Coldplay, the earthiness of Fleetwood Mac, the introspection of Death Cab for Cutie- set themselves apart by combining each of their intrepid perspectives into one harmonious voice.

The Los Angeles-based foursome, who released their full-length debut, Let Loose the Horses, in June 2010 through Universal Republic, have made a name for themselves as a powerful live act thanks to their flawless, transcendent harmonies. They've likewise earned a rep for being TV's go-to soundtrackers with an uncanny ability to underscore drama on shows like One Tree Hill, Private Practice, and Grey's Anatomy, the latter boasting a staggering five Rescues songs, among them the rousing anthem "Break Me Out."

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