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I'm the creator and producer of "The R.I.P. Files," a new kind of paranormal reality show. Founded and led by female investigators, our episodes document paranormal activity at historic sites and in private residences. With unique experiments and deep knowledge of metaphysics, these episodes bring you "never before seen on TV" moments that make viewers question their sense of reality. Watch and listen as we get some of the best EVPs ever! Learn psychic protection techniques and witness the "crossing over" of a trapped soldier from the Civil War and another spirit in an abandoned residential facility in Pennyslvania. Other episodes feature pendulums, shamanic journeying, dowsing rods, Tarot cards, and much more, including innovative experiments on the cutting edge of quantum physics. Our mission, using science AND metaphysics working together, is to discover irrefutable proof that death is not the end. Explore the darkness as we bring you our cases from "The R.I.P. Files."

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