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The Rock is a revolution in church. We are a group of people working together in unity in order to reach the world for Jesus Christ. In fact, that's our vision statement: one life at a time — one world in our lifetime. We do this by carrying out our mission, which is to WIN the lost, BUILD the believer, and SEND the sanctified. We don't just sit around pondering life, we get out there and live it — and life is never boring.

We focus on God and people, not tradition or ritual. We aren't interested in doing things the way they've always been done. We want to change how people perceive church and what they experience when they go. We're all about a relaxed, casual environment, awesome music, relevant messages, and opportunities to become more like Jesus.

We believe Jesus Christ was the ultimate revolutionary for social and spiritual change. Our foundation is His Word, the Bible. We don't water it down. We don't take what's convenient for us and forget the rest. We don't add to it or subtract from it. We seek to incorporate His teaching and values into our everyday lives. We're committed to loving our enemies, refusing to judge people, being kind, and treating others as we wish to be treated. We seek to love as God loves. As we celebrate God's existence and the new life that is available through His Son, Jesus Christ, we hope to create an atmosphere where spiritual exploration and growth is nonthreatening and exciting, while helping to meet the real needs of real people.

Today's culture faces a multitude of challenges. We've experienced broken homes and hypocritical institutions that have failed to keep their promises. And for many, the church has also been broken and ineffective for a long time, which is why it's time for a change — meaningful, effective, revolutionary change. The status quo will not do. We recognize that there are many fine churches in this city striving to help others and we commend them for their efforts. We also recognize that people by the thousands have left the church because they feel the church has left them. We think there is a place for something new, and The Rock is that place.

If you're tired of hypocrisy, if you're tired of feeling alienated, if you feel you've been ignored or left out and you still want to make a difference in the world, come to one of our services and experience us.

Welcome to the revolution.

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