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A brief history.....

Ran Maclurkin was brought up on car racing, spending most weekends following his fathers race career across the country.

Through his schooling Ran studied the arts, he was easily distracted in class and was always invited to girls parties.

When he finished school he became a rockstar, touring, partying and living the rock n roll lifestyle to its fullest, he claims to not remember much of it though....

Ran then moved into the film industry as a film editor and sound composer. He learned his craft from the editor of Rompa Stompa and contributed music to the director of Saws first film, “Stygen”.

Ran won a best editor award at the San Francisco Film Festival for Razor Eaters.
After working with the producers of “The Secret” he decided he had enough of the bullshit and left film to get back to his roots.


Ran went onto start his own freelance graphics business Ran Maclurkin Designs. Working with numerous clothing companies, magazines, kite board manufacturers and business’s. He also founded Triple6shooters and El Mon$ter Loco clothing labels. EML also has its own kite boards and skate decks.
Ran is also working on his first novel and a book of his art.

Ran first picked up a tattoo machine in 2006 after studying the technical side for a number of years. He under went intensive training and quickly found himself a loyal cliental looking for something a little different.

Ran Maclurkin has gained a loyal following of those
wanting to get his unusual creations permantly inked into thier skin.
Pushing tattooing into different directions.. kicking and screaming....even inspiring those who wear his ink to post up pics with crazy signs expressing the love they have

i dont like to be like everyone else, i like to tattoo in my own style. My style has been referred to as Brut Art, i like to call it Abstract Noir. I am influenced by a lot of comic art, b grade horror,
car culture, film and music. I enjoy a clean but raw feel to my tattoos, and think less is more. I have been drawing in this style since i was a little kid, and was told when i started tattooing that
people would not like it or want it. My large client list may disagree.....I come from a graphic design background and create much of my work via photoshop, as if for print rather than tattooing, i am always trying to refine and improve and have been very fortunate to work with two wicked artists Paul Usic and then Justin Acca.

My Abstract Noir has been referred to as Brut Art. ("Raw Art" or "Rough Art" in French) is a label created by French painter Jean Dubuffet to describe art created outside the boundaries of official
culture. Dubuffet focused particularly on the art of the insane. The English term "Outsider Art", which is synonym for the Art Brut, is often applied more broadly, to include certain works of non-
professional artists, who intentionally or not had created original art uninfluenced by the canon. It is raw and childlike, and primal. If you want a piece like this be assured no two are the same and it will
be designed for you. Kawaii Noir is the cute but sinister cousin, this is usually cleaner and more stylalized, think bears with knives, or a koala zombie. i am also a big fan of anything zombie, anything unusual
and japanese.

Ran also builds choppers

Ran currently races in the Victorian state championship in Sports Sedans

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