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Stephen Marinaro, aka TheSalonGuy, is a highly respected professional in the salon and beauty industry, with more than 19 years as a top-level stylist. As educator for two of the world’s top beauty companies, L’Oreal and Paul Mitchell, Stephen has personally trained and motivated countless stylists in more than 300 salons, from Los Angeles to New York City; he shares his expertise on the latest trends across the industry. Building upon his expertise of the salon industry and passion for turning hair styling into an artful task, Stephen’s motivation to share his knowledge with others led to the creation of “TheSalonGuy”. TheSalonGuy positions Stephen as a media correspondent dedicated to sharing his talent and knowledge of the beauty industry with young professionals, top stylists, salon owners, and clients.

TheSalonGuy covers prestigious events including the International Beauty Show in NYC, Mercedes Fashion Week NYC, and charity events including, Project Ladybug, Livestrong, and Locks of Love. In addition to glamorous events filling his schedule, TheSalonGuy is regularly appearing on the red carpet to conduct interviews with Hollywood’s latest such as: Russell Simmons, Michelle Rodriguez, Veronica Webb, and Nikki Minaj, as well as, the casts of hit TV shows: Real Housewives of New Jersey, Real Housewives of New York, Project Runway, Cake Boss, How Do I Look, Jerseylicious, Royal Pains, Top Chef Masters and more. Stephen has built TheSalonGuy into a brand that is well recognized in the salon and beauty industry, featured on major TV networks, 100+ videos, and hosting an active blog followed by more than 300,000 people.

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