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  1. 04:09:03

    Re-presenting: the art of documenting art

    by SAIC

    17 Videos

    Artists make choices about how to present their work, to shape the experience of it. Is this editing the work, or something more fundamental? What is the documentation of art? Is it representation?…

  2. 04:25:38

    SAIC Visiting Artists and Lecturers

    by SAIC

    5 Videos

    SAIC welcomes a variety of visiting artists and lecturers in order to educate and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of art through discourse.

  3. 02:58

    SAIC Instant

    by SAIC

    8 Videos

  4. 00:00

    SAIC Animation

    by SAIC

    16 Videos

    SAIC Animation

  5. 03:20:34

    SAIC Conversations

    by SAIC

    83 Videos

    The School of the Art Institute (SAIC) sits down with undergraduate and graduate students to discuss their work, their experience at SAIC, and their words of wisdom for incoming students.

  6. 28:24

    SAIC Fashion

    by SAIC

    11 Videos

  7. 01:48:53

    SAIC Alumni

    by SAIC

    32 Videos

  8. 00:00

    About SAIC

    by SAIC

    5 Videos

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