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  1. Disease in a Dish: New Tools for Understanding Cellular Systems


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    ell-based model systems are powerful tools for studying signaling pathways, deciphering disease mechanisms, and predicting drug activities. Advances in stem cell technology provide new opportunities…

  2. Bioproduction: Advances in Cell Line Engineering


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    Bioproduction involves the growth and manipulation of large quantities of cells under tightly controlled conditions mandated by good manufacturing practices (GMP), while maintaining quality, reproducibility,…

  3. Genetic Screens: A Route to Rapid Progress in Disease Targeting and Drug Development


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    Genetic screens are powerful techniques to investigate gene function, dissect complex biological processes, and rapidly assess drug targets. Advances in CRISPR/Cas9 technology have led to remarkable…

  4. Exploring Exosomes and the Tumor Microenvironment


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    Exosomes are small (30–100 nm) vesicles secreted by most cells and are involved in the transport of bioactive molecules between cells. Characterizing the interplay between cancer-cell exosomes…

  5. The Green Lab Challenge: Take Action!


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    Industry and academic labs are energy-intensive, high waste–producing workspaces. To improve the ecological footprint of biomedical research, best practices are being developed to reduce energy…

  6. Understanding the Stem Cell Niche


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    Stem cells provide an attractive model to study human physiology and disease. However, technical challenges persist in the biological characterization and manipulation of stem cells in their native…

  7. High-Throughput Analysis of Viral Composition, Entry Kinetics, and Conformational Changes


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    iral fusion with the cell membrane is essential for infection by enveloped viruses. For BSL4 (biosafety level 4) human pathogens such as the deadly Nipah virus (NiV), mechanistic studies of the fusion…

  8. Advances in RNA Characterization: Moving Beyond Traditional Techniques


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    Over the last decade the traditional toolset used to characterize RNA function has expanded. Approaches have been identified that enable the rapid detection, localization, and quantification of RNA…

  9. Advances in Particle Analysis: Biopharmaceutical Development Applications


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    Counting and sizing sub-visible particles formed during the preparation of protein therapeutics is critical for assessing product quality and safety during development, yet technical challenges persist…

  10. From Bench to Bedside: Translational Stem Cell Research


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    tem cells provide an attractive, physiologically relevant cellular system for disease modeling and have the potential to play an important role in drug discovery and regenerative medicine. Innovative…

  11. High-Throughput Screening of GPCRs for Drug Discovery Applications


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    G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are membrane-bound signaling proteins that play an important role in clinical medicine. Mutations in GPCRs have been implicated in a variety of human diseases and…

  12. Advancing Genomic Medicine: Exploring Applications of Digital PCR


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    Genomic medicine has attracted a lot of attention in the last year in an effort to unravel the complexities of disease and develop targeted therapies. Although much progress had been made in genomic…

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