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Music blog about new trends without forgetting the musical roots from the past. The Scrap Mag covers subjects related to Indie, Shoegaze, Post-Punk, New Wave, Synth, Experimental, Electro, Ebm' trends. Above all, as a token of The Scrap Mag gratitude for this eager-to-create new trends, underlines the new music creations that do not follow mainstream styles but create their own style.

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  1. Nacho Guzman
  2. Michael Bulgrin
  3. (((unartig)))
  4. White Willow Films
  5. Mitchell Stafiej
  6. Hardly Art
  7. Nivek
  8. Fernando Cordero
  9. Faded Gold
  10. tab_ularasa
  11. Jozef Devillé
  12. Nightcrawler
  13. David Terranova
  14. Dream Affair
  15. Txema Novelo
  16. X
  17. Sally Dige
  18. Fabien Chombart

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