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Loja City, Ecuador

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I'm a teacher as well as a social activist. I also consider myself a thinker but above all I do as much as I think. I'm a believer in the supreme deity of the Hebrews.
Besides teaching, I've had the opportunity to serve & do various social forms of volunteering in a few countries as I think it is one of the basic things we owe our fellow beings.

In my social activities, I advocate social consciousness, freedom of expression amongst many other things.

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  • Consciousness, the Keys - This blog focuses on ideas of freedom & equality for all & not just some or most. It deals with everyday human struggles and try to find & give solutions to overcome our daily battles. It draws inspiration from everyone, everything & spirituality from God.
  • Youtube - Here you can watch many other contemporary gospel vids as well as a few videos on my social activism activities