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After ten years of working as a photographer and filmmaker in what is fashionably known as ‘development’, I have finally come to the realisation that much of what I was involved in was little more than managed poverty. I started to realise that I was becoming a part of that system and as I looked around me and interacted with media, development, photographers and filmmakers, began to understand that it is an industry like any other. I began to question the work I was doing and the absolute disconnect between those who commissioned me and those I was there to document.

It's about people doing thing, understanding and making change, not just talking about it. Telling stories from people who are not driven by anything more than compassion moves us away from the traditional confrontational format, which does little more than foster an overwhelming sense of helplessness. I don’t really know where all this is going but I felt I needed to change and begin doing something to re-connect to what we are about to lose. This is all very much work in progress.

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