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Have you ever gone through a major life challenge and not felt supported? Have you ever wondered how some people seem to thrive during these hardships, while others suffer?

The SpokenCoast project gathers personal stories to offer those struggling from a major life challenge a more accessible vehicle to learn how to overcome their struggle.

Almost every person on this earth has experienced a major hardship, that affected their lives in some way. Some people seem to thrive in the face of massive hardship, while others struggle to simply carry on daily tasks. Why? The SpokenCoast project aims to capture personal stories of successful transformation, along the coastline of both North & South America, and offer them to people around the world. The resulting book will be an anthology of hope, a resource for those struggling to find a path through their dilemma.

While on this quest, Marissa Krupa – the project's creator and interviewer, will summit several significant peaks to honor her mountaineer brother who was recently lost to cancer. A memorial will be left at the top of each peak. In this way, Marissa hopes to transform her loss into something that can benefit others, via the documentary film of the journey.

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