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The Stateless Rohingya ( is an independent website which shares up-to-date news regarding the sufferings of Rohingya.
The Stateless Rohingya website was founded independently in 2012 based in Republic of Ireland.

The motivation behind the launching of came in 2012 when Burmese government and Rakhine extremist groups set up ethnic cleansing programme against the stateless people of Arakan, Rohingya. It was extremely important time to forward and share the truth behind the scenes of the ethnic cleansing programme to the global audience and well-wishers of the stateless Rohingya.

Rohingya are a native ethnic Muslim minority from Arakan, a western state of Burma, living many centuries. Before Rohingya became the stateless in own soil, they have encountered many operations of dehumanization from various Burmese governments starting in 1963 up to now. Rohingya have lost their history, nationality, dignity, home, land, property and faced human rights abuses such as restriction on religion, marriage, education, travel, arbitrary taxation, arrest, rape, etc..

2012 has been the greatest disaster for Rohingya as Rakhine extremists and government forces launched the grass-root killing of Rohingya throughout Arakan making hundred thousands displaced, killed and missing, while the international community has been silently neglecting the suffering state of Rohingya.

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