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Fade from macaroni and glue, to water colors, cheap brushes, then Construction paper and pencils. Turn the page to an alto saxophone as my middle school class of 2001 marched down the aisles. Try and read sharpies on any surface, some spray paint cans and latex gloves. Transition to a Compaq Presario upgraded from scrapped parts of a Dell. A motion blur of hallway battles, from instrumentals, and beats on Cubase, to printed lyrics and blackberry rhymes on Pro Toolz. SPMG recording studios to HandTalk Entertainment. Time-lapse through Trimmers, sheers, the 1 and a half, noxema, swiveling chairs, hot towels, razor blades and talcum powder. Just a small visual straight out the lens of TheStoryNevaEnds from a Canon Powershot to the 50mm of a T2i. Add some creative writing to the mix and you have Willis Aybar. #nodaysoff

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