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In the autumn of 2006, the grey city of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast was shaken by a burst of creativity and fantasy, canalized through the channel that would seem the most obvious - the club scene. In a Sweden recently hijacked by right wing parties there was plenty of frustration to handle. Clubs such as The Eye and Beli Konj became spheres of evasion and escapism. This is the scene where the soon to be The Touch members get together; Olov and Johan who at the time were doing sunshine pop, met with Andreas who had been making house music for several years, and the three of them met Lina, who were not only deeply involved with the club scene, but actually one of the masterminds behind a few of the clubs.

Their exposure to the immense energy of the club scene influenced their music at first. It didn't take long until Dj Nibc, who ran The Eye, signed The Touch to his label Trunkfunk, and the first EP was released. While songs from the EP reached Annie Macs show on BBC radio one, The Touch as a live act reached audiences of the clubs such as Berns salonger and Debaser Medis in Stockholm, By:Larm in Oslo, Le Fleche d’Or in Paris, Vega in Copenhagen, Fabric in London.

In July 2011, french label Kitsuné released the song "Sermon", about which Kitsunés Gildas said that the band “understands well the nostalgic dimensions you sometimes find on the dance floor, beer tears or wine sad more like, heartbroken and sleepwalking... the kind of stuff that builds lasting memories … Beautiful!” Along with the release The Touch gave shows that sounded of the dystopia that is already upon us.

The bands latest single "All I Find" was released on Palms Out Sounds in September 2011. It shares with “Sermon” the lament of a stifling culture and seems to express a state of playing dead in order to stay alive. These songs aren't of the kind that gathers a flock around it, but rather lure those who mean to leave the flock. The music of The Touch marks the plague of civilization.

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