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I was born and raised in Houston Texas. I've been priviledged enough to live here all of my life. During the day you can find me having a good time running a couple of Iconic Houston reaturants.
Why do I want to make The Trail Ride Project Documentary ?? Since I was a little kid, I’ve always marveled at the Trail Riders as they came into town on the Friday before the big Rodeo Parade Downtown. I’ve probably attended the Rodeo at least once a year since I was a child, a lot more as an adult. It’s just part of “what I do”, a tradition as it is for many here in Houston . I have served as a Committeeman for the Rodeo for 7 years.. I have a trained background in photography and have persued it as many do as a hobby all my life.
My wife has been a Trailrider since she was a little kid, riding with her Father Jack and her Brother John Wilson until she entered college and since then had only ridden the Trail off and on. About 8 years ago, we went on a weekend trail ride with some close friends and family members and we had the time of our lives, the open range, fresh air, the ride itself, great friends- it was all beginning to click. That year my wife and I began riding with the Desperados Trail Ride Group, together on the Salt Grass Trail. It was a life long dream for me to be part of a trail ride group on the Salt Grass Trail. It meant the world to me to get to ride in my first Rodeo Parade that year.
I felt that , as a 60 year old tradition , the Salt Grass Trail Ride was due to tell its’ story. There is SO much more that goes into putting on this ride than ANYONE would ever see . I have seen some of it to scale as a member of the Desperados, but I know outside of my own group there is an army of men and women who may live “ordinary” lives but do EXTRORDINARY things to make the Salt Grass Trail get down the road every year.
93MILES - The Trail Ride Project thetrailrideproject.org

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