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Robb & Darla hooked up ten years ago with a huge desire to create films together. They soon got married and had so many life obligations that they stopped working on this life passion. Then one day they decided to spend a bunch of savings and get back into it and BOOM, the film bug was re-ignighted! The black magic pocket cinema camera and a few new amazing lenses was all it took. Wait, there was final cut pro, Magic Bullet Looks, that Rode pro microphone, and a few other things, but anyhow.... you get the point, together they are back to making shorts, band videos, strange family vids, and even more odd Motion graphic cartoons. At this point Robb tends to be the Editor, and artistic creator, Darla does much of the DP work, or she acts on camera, and is the extra eyes that corrects all Robb's edit mistakes. Together they have vowed to make 2014 a banner year for creative film projects. This is just the start of their magical movie making.

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